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Just like looking in the mirror overtime healthy tissue on the inside of our body become dysfunctional due to age and injury. Our high density, activated, stem cells are rich in growth factors and contain the regenerative capacity necessary to regulate and facilitate the natural healing process of injured tissues.

Why Choose OMC?


Stem Cells

Stem Cell Therapy requires no Surgery by healing the underlying cause of the problem, allowing tissue to regenerate.

It can be more effective than traditional surgical procedures as they require less healing time, minimal down time with little to no rehabilitation and are less painful.

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Auto Injury

If you've been in a car crash, you know how painful and disruptive these kinds of injuries can be. Millions of people are hurt in auto collisions each year and suffer for decades.

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Work Injury

Studies show that chiropractic treatments are effective for a number of work injuries including back pain, carpal tunnel, stress injuries, sciatica, neck pain and more.

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