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Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents.

What about the car insurance, who pays for my care?

Usually, there is no out of pocket expenses to you. Our office will handle all paperwork and will work with the insurance company to ensure payment is received. Typically, the insurance company will cover all of your medical bills.

Who does the paperwork for the car insurance company?

After an accident, regardless of who is at fault, you will be required to complete a Personal Injury Protection form, otherwise known as PIP form and mail the form to the insurance carrier as soon as possible.

Our office will submit all the other necessary paperwork, including billing statements, medical reports, and any other supporting documentation that is requested by your insurance company.

I think I may need X-rays, or an MRI. Can I do that?

Yes, if needed, X-rays and MRI studies can be done. Our office has an onsite X-ray unit, if an MRI is needed will provide you with a referral to a local facility.

Do I need to retain an attorney?

If you decide to retain legal representation, we will work with your attorney to ensure all necessary documentation is completed.

How long does it take to get better after a car accident?

It depends on the severity of your injury, sometimes it may take a few weeks or months.

The Doctors at Oregon Medical Clinic, will provide you with a detailed treatment plan and explain your prognosis. They will educate you on how to take care of your body to reduce the chance of developing chronic or recurring pain.

How soon will I be able to get an appointment?

In most cases you can be seen on the same day you call the office. It is important to begin treatment and therapy as soon as possible after your injury, in order to speed up your recovery process.

What can Chiropractic do for Auto Injuries?

The team of highly skilled Doctors at Oregon Medical Centers have successfully treated car accident injuries for over 30 years. Research shows effective Chiropractic treatments have proven successful for thousands of auto accident patients.

A Chiropractor in most cases can significantly reduce pain, restore movement, overcome muscle weakness, reduce inflammation, spasms, and scar tissue. Chiropractic can also increase your overall wellbeing by stabilizing your injuries from the accident.

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