Alternative & Integrated Medicine

Integrated & Alternative Medicine & Anti-Aging

What is Integrated & Alternative Medicine?

Integrated and Alternative Medicine is a field of Medicine that aims to replace or "reboot" damaged tissue whether these damaged tissues are a result of disease, injury, aging, or other issues.  This Specialized form of Medical treatment facilitates the body to heal from the inside out.  Instead of giving pain-killing drugs such as Opioids or Gabapentin/Lyrica/Neurontin  ( Anti-Seizure medications) to mask the symptoms or "cutting" the body part out as in surgery;  the aim of Integrated and Alternative cutting edge Medicine is to help repair, restore and heal your own tissue from the inside.  Unfortunately as we age, our body degenerates and we wind up with osteoarthritis or other diseased conditions such as neuropathy, chronic neck or back pain, sciatica, hip, shoulder or knee pain.  Integrated and Alternative Medicine utilizes a wholistic approach, utilizing good/clean nutrition, medical modalities and other therapies.   Integrated and Alternative Medicine treatment may include special  Peptides, Special Medical Modalities,  cutting edge therapy, Special exercises, Nutrition and home therapy to help facilitate the body to heal from the inside out. 

If you're suffering from osteoarthritis, or chronic neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee pain, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, give Oregon Medical Centers a call.  We offer a no charge consultation to see if we can help you.  We only accept patients we can honestly help.  Dealing with chronic pain can have dire consequences not only to the person's mental and physical well being, but also loved ones and family and friends surrounding them.   Stop suffering and give Oregon Medical Centers a call for a free consultation.  Call  503-967-3709.  

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