Benefits of Beaverton Chiropractic

In today’s era, if there is one medical condition that’s getting ever-so-common, it’s back pain. How often do you hear your friends, relatives and colleagues complaining about acute back pain? Quite often, presumably! This is not surprising at all. With the amount of physical stress (caused from different activities) your body undergoes on a regular basis, back pain seems inevitable.

One effective way of ensuring that your back pain doesn’t get out of hand is by having it treated by one of the leading Beaverton chiropractors, Drs. Davidson, Bhasin, and Tajapour. Chiropractors are licensed medical professionals who specialize in maintaining the health of the neuro-musculoskeletal system through non-invasive treatments. One common misconception people have about chiropractic is that it is the same thing as massage. That’s absolutely wrong! Chiropractic relates more with the spine, nervous system, and overall body structure. Massage therapy, on the other hand, is a treatment that deals with muscle tension and relaxation. Although chiropractors often utilize massage to facilitate pain relief, the primary treatments our Beaverton chiropractors use are chiropractic and physical therapy.

One of the biggest benefits of chiropractic care is that patients can seek relief without the use of surgery or drugs. No longer do patients have to fret about the side effects associated with medicines or taking time off work to recovery from surgery. Chiropractic adjustments, sometimes referred to as spinal manipulation, are techniques used to correct spinal or joint misalignments causing you back pain and other symptoms. Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments are safe and effective for a range of musculoskeletal conditions including back pain, neck pain, auto injuries, and more.

Another great benefit of chiropractic is that it doesn’t just focus on pain relief. Our Beaverton chiropractors also give adequate attention to other factors that contribute towards good health, such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, and environment. That is why when you first visit our Beaverton/Aloha office, our chiropractors will conduct a thorough evaluation of your past and current medical history.

So, whether you are recovering from an auto injury, work injury, or are just seeking general wellness care, our Beaverton chiropractors can help. They will diagnose the source of your back pain or other symptoms to develop an individualized, effective treatment plan. Contact Oregon Medical Centers Care and Rehabilitation to get back on the road to health today.

March 12, 2014
Doctor Sunita Bhasin, Aloha & Salem, OR

Dr. Sunita Bhasin, D.C.

Dr. Bhasin grew up in Southern California and did her undergraduate work in pre-med at California State University Northridge, as well as Humboldt State University in California. Dr. Bhasin attended the University of Western States in Portland Oregon where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Dr. Bhasin has passed her National boards and her State Boards. Dr. Bhasin loves helping people and finds great joy helping injured people get out of pain and get their life back again. She has helped thousands of patients.