Why You Should See a Chiropractor For Neck Pain

When you have neck pain, the treatment you get is critical and can influence the rest of your life. For example, if your visit to the doctor leaves you with more questions and limited recovery, it doesn’t mean your neck pain is a figment of your imagination. There’s something going on physiologically and anatomically that is contributing to your neck pain – and it must be assessed and treated.

Painkillers may numb your pain temporarily but do nothing for your long-term healing. In fact, they put you at risk for developing other health issues. A recovery plan that consists of only painkillers and rest is really no recovery plan at all.

Our Beaverton chiropractors have worked with hundreds of patients who have had neck pain. By combining chiropractic manipulation with physical therapy and other non- invasive, drugless treatments, neck pain relief becomes the expected result.

Chiropractic adjustments are gentle ways to move the bones of the spine into alignment so they can start to receive nerve impulses directly from your brain and spinal cord. When the nervous system connection is re-established, the true healing begins. Only chiropractic can offer these benefits.

Physical therapy includes corrective exercises to restore muscle tone that influences posture and the proper position of your neck during all your daily activities. By strengthening weakened areas of your neck muscles, you can feel a big difference.

If you live in Aloha or Beaverton, OR, our chiropractors are ready to discuss with you the details of your chiropractic treatment plan that can transform your life. Call First Choice Rehabilitation for efficient chiropractic care today.

March 24, 2014
Team Member

Sunita Bhasin