4 Tips for Speedy Recovery from Auto Injury

If you’re involved in a car accident and sustain an auto injury, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do.

Here are some auto injury tips, courtesy of Beaverton chiropractor Dr. Bhasin from Oregon Medical Centers:

1. Immediately after the car accident, scan your own body for how you are feeling. Whiplash is common. Do you have any pains in your neck, head or arm? Does any pain radiate down your arm? Do you have a headache? Does your jaw suddenly feel tired? Are you dizzy? Is it difficult for you to think or to talk? Scan the rest of your body as well. Symptoms that are present right after the car accident may worsen.

2. If you don’t find any symptoms, it may not necessarily mean that you have not been injured. Some injuries won’t show up for a few days or even a week later after a car accident. This is because large amounts of endorphins are created in the body after a serious auto injury. The endorphins keep you calm and prevent the pain from showing up. It’s one of nature’s survival mechanisms.

3. Go to the doctor for an evaluation. Whatever you may not have found when you scanned your body may be discovered by a medical doctor. Let’s face it; you’re not trained in what to look for so some things may go unnoticed. There’s another reason why this is important: if there will be a lawsuit in the future, it’s important to have an auto injury documented, and a doctor – either medical or chiropractor – is a credible witness on behalf of you.

4. Take it easy for about a week after your auto injury. Don’t rush back to work immediately after the car accident. In your rushing, you may be neglecting your body and what it needs during this time.

Beaverton chiropractor Dr. Bhasin regularly sees patients who have sustained an auto injury during a car accident. Her and her team of skilled chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists have been helping people recover from auto injuries in Beaverton and Aloha for over 5 years. Take advantage of the benefits of chiropractic in your area after a car accident, and start your healing today!

April 08, 2014
Doctor Sunita Bhasin, Aloha & Salem, OR

Dr. Sunita Bhasin, D.C.

Dr. Bhasin grew up in Southern California and did her undergraduate work in pre-med at California State University Northridge, as well as Humboldt State University in California. Dr. Bhasin attended the University of Western States in Portland Oregon where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Dr. Bhasin has passed her National boards and her State Boards. Dr. Bhasin loves helping people and finds great joy helping injured people get out of pain and get their life back again. She has helped thousands of patients.