Ease Migraines with Aloha Chiropractor

An estimated 35 million Americans suffer from persistent migraine headache. Many patients are prescribed medications to reduce the pain, but medications don't always help and come with a host of side effects. Fortunately, a growing body of research suggests that natural treatments like physical therapy and chiropractic care can prevent and reduce migraines in many patients.

One recent case study involved a 52-year old woman who had been suffering from migraine with aura for 40 years. Although her headache frequency had reduced in the previous ten years, she still experienced at least one headache per month lasting 15 hours. During a headache episode, she was forced to rest in a dark room, vomit if needed, and avoid strong odors. She also experienced what is known as "aura" or additional symptoms like visual disturbances and nausea which sometimes accompany a migraine headache.  The woman did not wish to use medications due to a family history of drug abuse, and instead sought natural treatments through chiropractic care, like what we offer to our Aloha patients.

Radiographic and physical examination revealed the patient had tenderness and restricted range of motion in the neck. A chiropractor treated the woman with spinal adjustments using the Gonstead method for a total of 11 sessions. Throughout the treatment, her neck range of motion and tenderness improved. She also reported experiencing less severe headaches, until she eventually ceased having migraine headaches at all. At the six-month follow-up the woman still had not experienced a single migraine headache after receiving chiropractic care.

This case study is just a single success story when it comes to chiropractic for migraine. At Oregon Medical Centers, our Aloha chiropractors have successfully helped patients recover from migraine and other headaches using exercise therapies and chiropractic care. Call our clinic in Aloha, OR for headache relief today at (503) 642-2845.


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August 12, 2013