Work Injury Chiropractor in Aloha Oregon

If you are dealing with painful repercussions after suffering an injury at work, allow our team of workers comp chiropractors in Aloha, Oregon to provide the treatment you need so you can recover faster and get back to earning a living without harming yourself further.

At Oregon Medical Centers, we understand that your priority in visiting us is likely twofold: to feel better, and to get back to work as quickly as possible; that’s why our work injury chiropractor in Aloha, Oregon will work hard to address each of those concerns in equal measure.

Our team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan which addresses your specific injuries as well as your individual health goals and needs. We utilize a wide range of techniques and therapies to correct misalignments and injuries, safely and effectively mitigating injury with comprehensive, reliable treatment.

Our commitment to quality care begins long before you meet with our chiropractic physicians. As soon as you step foot inside Oregon Medical Centers, our friendly office staff will be available to provide assistance with paperwork, answer questions, or simply make your experience more enjoyable in whatever way possible.

There are practically limitless ways that an injury requiring chiropractic care can occur at work, but some of the most common include:

  • Falls
  • Being struck by an object
  • Strain due to repetitive motion or overexertion
  • Accidents involving machines, vehicles, or roadways


Being injured at work is frustrating and traumatizing enough in and of itself; to top it off, you’re likely to have to take time off in order to heal from those injuries. Even if you try to power through the pain, you won’t be able to function at the same capacity when working while injured.

Chiropractic care can help heal your injuries faster so you’re forced to take fewer days off work, and you can get back to giving 100% every single shift. Not to mention, you’ll no longer have to live with debilitating musculoskeletal pain.

Call Oregon Medical Centers in Aloha today at (503) 390-1552 or book an appointment online to meet with a work injury chiropractor and free yourself from pain.