Patient Testimonials

John Speaks

Does Stem Cell Treatment help Hip pain & Osteoarthritis? Listen this patient from the Salem, Oregon area.

Monica's Story

Monica was hurt in a car accident and had a really bad neck and back pain. She received treatment at our office and got better. Her auto-insurance covered everything 100%. She is very grateful for her excellent results. She talks about all of the things she can now do, and she couldn't before after her car accident. Listen to her story.

Robert Speaks

Robert has been seeing the Doctors at Oregon Medical Centers off and on for the past 20 years. Robert is a Professional Fire Fighter and has had numerous injuries due to rescuing people during a fire. His job is pretty physical. Due to his injuries over the past 20 years he has been treated at Oregon Medical Centers. Listen to what he has to say.

Marcie Speaks

Marcie was hurt in a car accident with her children. She was hurt and came in right away. Her children were also hurt in the car crash and she brought them for treatment. Marcie and her children received treatment and got better. Now they have no pain and are grateful. The auto PIP (Personal Injury Protection) of their auto insurance covered everything 100%.

Jessica's Story

Jessica was in a bad car crash when a drunk driver hit her. Her car was totalled. She had really bad neck and back pain with headaches. She came to see us and got better. Listen to her.

Jerry Rice's Story

Jerry shares his experience with Chiropractic Treatment. He received Chiropractic treatments and was able to go on and win many Championships.

Colleen's Story

Colleen talks about her experience at our clinic. Listen to her story.

Vicki's Story

Vicki talks about her experience at our clinic. Listen to her story.

The Science is in

Chiropractic is the treatment of choice for neck and back pain and whiplash injuries due to an auto accident or other injuries resulting in neck & back pain, headaches, and other neck and back problems.

More Testimonials

Maria P. From Keizer, OR I saw the doctors at Oregon Medical Centers after a car accident. I had horrible neck pain, upper back and low back pain, with pain down my arm and headaches. I couldn't sleep at night, & doing just about anything hurt so badly. I was so frustrated as I saw the doctors at the hospital, and saw my regular doctor. They just gave me pain pills which just made be nauseous, sick, and sleepy, but, I still had the pain. Then my friend told me about the doctors at Oregon Medical Centers. Everyone in the office as so nice, and warm and friendly. The doctor examined me, and took my x-rays, and found out that I had a really bad whiplash, and a herniated disc. The doctors treated me, and I felt so much better. Gradually I could sleep at night, could do all of my normal activities, and they helped me so much that my neurosurgeon stated that I didn't need surgery for my herniated disc, as my pain was completely gone after the treatments I received from the doctors at First Choice and Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. The doctors have given me my life back. I am so grateful to the doctors and staff at Oregon Medical Centers. They truly treated me like family.

Samantha from Salem: The doctors take time and treat you like a person and not just another patient coming through the door. I was always greeted with a smile and warm & friendly service. I was very pleased with the care and treatment I received by the doctors & staff. Choosing Oregon Medical Centers was the best decision I made.

Anna From Salem: I couldn't have been happier with my experience. The treatments, gentle adjustments, massage and physical therapy were wonderful. I was very impressed by the care I received. I have been to other Chiropractic offices, and by far this is the best office and the best experience I have had. The doctors & staff treated me like family.

Donna From Keizer: I like how Dr. Davidson & Dr. Bhasin treated me. They answered all of my questions with easy to understand answers. They took the time to explain everything to me and my injury. The adjustments were very gentle. I loved the therapy, massage and friendly staff. Now I have no pain, and my insurance covered everything 100%.