Aloha Beaverton & Salem Keizer Chiropractor Insurance Information

See videp below for insurance information if you have been hurt in a motor vehicle crash or on the job injury:

No matter who's fault it is you have $15,000 worth of Chiropractic & Medical benefits from your auto insurance with PIP insurance (personal injury protection).  PIP also allows income due to lost wages.  That is if you cannot work due to your injury, & have a doctor's note, the PIP insurance must pay for your lost wages, if you are out of work for 14 consecutive days.  You have a right to see any doctor that you wish to see, including the Aloha & Beaverton Chiropractors.  At First Choice Chiropractic we provide a state of the art facility with chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, and massage all under one roof.  If you need to see a medical doctor we will refer you to one.  We work with many medical doctors in the Aloha/Beaverton/ Hillsboro & Salem/Keizer areas.  We have wonderful Chiropractors, and massage therapists to help you.

 If you have a legal question we can refer you to many great attorneys in town.  These attorneys do not charge for the initial consultation.   It is good to know your rights based on your particular situation.  We are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advise.  If you have been hurt in a car accident or work injury most auto and work insurance usually cover 100%. Call us to find out.

If you have a condition that is not due to a car accident or an on the job injury there are many major medical insurances which do offer coverage for Chiropractic treatment and therapies.  Call us, and we can find if you have Chiropractic coverage through your major medical insurance for a non auto accident or non work injury or condition.  Remember, the sooner you get care, the better, before the condition becomes chronic.  If you wait too long to get treatment for an injury you sustained in a car accident or at work, you risk the chance of having problems with the insurance company or they may deny you care.  So, don't wait.  Call us today.

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* You have the right to see ANY doctor, including a Chiropractor.  Your insurance company cannot tell you which doctor to see.  You can see our Chiropractors at our office serving the Aloha/ Beaverton, & Salem/Keizer Communities.

* Remember that no matter who is at fault, you have medical coverage if the vehicle you were in has insurance in Oregon.  You have at least $15,000 worth of medical coverage, sometimes more depending on your particular insurance policy.  This is called Personal Injury Protection or "PIP" for short.  PIP also provides coverage for lost income if it is due to the collision.  You have to have a doctor's release from work, and you have to be off of work for more than 14 days to be eligible to receive compensation for lost income due to the crash.  You have the right to see Any doctor including a Chiropractor.  Your insurance company cannot tell you which doctor to see.

*You have the right to see ANY doctor, including a Chiropractor.  Your Insurance company cannot tell you which doctor to see.

* You have the right to legal counsel, even if you are at fault, as an attorney may be able to help you.   they usually have a "no charge" consultation and only get paid if they win you a settlement.  Each individual attorney has their own fee policies, but, it is always wise to talk to an attorney.

* Sometimes, an insurance company will try to settle the Pain and Suffering portion of your claim very quickly.  This often will stop your rights to medical care as well as other rights that you may have!   Consult an attorney before you take any settlement.  You may be losing many of your rights and benefits.

We are not attorneys and highly recommend that you consult an attorney to discuss all of your legal rights.