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Chronic knee pain can be challenging to treat, and pain relief, exercise, and physical therapy do not always rectify the problem. Dr. Sunita Bhasin, DC, and her team at Oregon Medical Centers specialize in cutting edge treatment and regenerative medicine to treat musculoskeletal pain and injuries. When knee pain from osteoarthritis isn't improving with conventional treatment, they have the expertise to offer a non-surgical, pain-relieving therapy .

What are Genvisc Injections?

The injections contain sodium hyaluronate (also known as hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, or hyaluronan), a naturally occurring substance found in the body's joints. It is a natural lubricant and shock absorber that helps to cushion the joints and aid in smooth movement. 

The process can be used to treat pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee when painkillers, exercise, and physical therapy, are not providing relief. The fluid around the joint, known as synovial fluid, contains a large amount of sodium hyaluronate. This is broken down by osteoarthritis, making it less effective, and people with osteoarthritis do not have enough sodium hyaluronate in their synovial fluid. The injection works by replacing the sodium hyaluronate in the synovial fluid, reducing the pain and discomfort. 

The Benefits of Genvisc Injections.

Research studies show that sodium hyaluronate injections are an effective treatment for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, who have no relief from conservative treatment, and have persistent pain. 

Benefits include:

  • Improved pain relief.
  • A reduced need to take pain medication (including narcotics).
  • Reduced inflammation in the joint.
  • They target the specific joint injected - not impacting on the rest of the body.
  • They are a non-surgical intervention if a joint replacement is not currently a consideration.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive, with a short recovery time and little to no scarring.


What Does the Procedure Involve?

Before deciding on the right course of treatment for you, you will receive a thorough consultation with a doctor. If your doctor feels that Genvisc injections are the correct treatment for your condition, the procedure is straightforward.

The injection site will be prepared and cleaned.
The injection is administered directly into the knee joint (intra-articular injection).
In some cases, your doctor may need to remove extra fluid from the joint before administering the injection. 
After the injection, you are advised to avoid strenuous activities such as jogging, tennis, heavy lifting, or standing for a long time for approximately 48 hours. 
It is normal to feel some mild discomfort at the injection site afterward. Your doctor will provide you with aftercare instructions.

Clinical research studies show that a course of five hyaluronic acid injections, given one week apart, provide the best pain relief. Your doctor will discuss on an individual basis how many injections you need.

Is this the Best Treatment Option for Me?

If you are not sure if Genevisc injections are right for you, our doctors can advise the best treatment plan for your condition. This is just one treatment option for osteoarthritis of the knee, and there are additional treatment options available.

If you are having problems with knee pain, book an appointment at Oregon Medical Centers for a full assessment with our dedicated medical team? Call us in Salem at 503-390-1552 or in Aloha at 503-642-2845 or fill out our online contact form.